July 14, 2020

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Webinar Topic: Innovating in a Crisis

The next two, of the three-part webinar series — The ART of Collaboration: Connecting and Contributing to Community in Crisis, an initiative of the smART Collaboration Working Group — are scheduled offered June 16 and July 14.

The first webinar on June 9 was on: Adapt. Respond. Thrive.

In response to COVID-19, self-forming teams in Southern Maryland are demonstrating the spirited collaboration and adaptive thinking that are hallmarks of innovative communities. Join the webinar series that takes lessons from these teams to unleash the talent and resources of all who want to help Southern Maryland thrive, in this crisis and beyond it.

In the first webinar, Innovating in Crisis, attendees will hear three local success stories of collaboration and innovation to support those on the frontlines and others in crisis.

Attendees will share and discover additional community needs. Matt Scassero, director of the University of Maryland UAS Test Site, and Kevin Switick, CEO of AVIAN, will host each the webinar from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Learn more and register here.

June 16 — The ART of Collaboration. Join an action group based on common concerns.

July 14 — Contributing & Connecting to Community. Share your action group’s accomplishment.

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