June 23, 2024

Woman Led Most Successful Pirates Ever

Ching Shih was anything but your standard pirate. She was a former sex worker who married into the pirate life and turned out to be really, really good at it.

Navy Will Shut Red Hill Fuel Facility

The decision to permanently shut the Navy’s massive Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility in Hawaii that leaked petroleum into Pearl Harbor’s tap water was based on a new Pentagon assessment, but also is in line with an order from Hawaii’s Department of Health to drain fuel from the tanks.

What’s Next for Corps’ F-35 Fleet?


Though the US Marine Corps beat the Navy to having a deployment-ready F35C squadron, the long-term future for the corps’ F-35 fleet is in question. The reasons: the Marines have a limited number of pilots for the F-35 and the corps has been putting more focus on unmanned aerial systems.

Navy: Jet Fuel Spill Caused Water Contamination


US Navy officials believe contaminated tap water that went to Hawaii military households came from a one-time jet fuel spill in November and was not caused by a leak from aging underground fuel storage tanks above an aquifer.