June 29, 2022

Art & Lifestyle:

Realtors Monitoring Legislative Wish List

Key issues of landlord liability, interest rates on security deposits and HOA resale packages are on the table for Realtors during this legislative session. And no more rain taxes.

FHA Changes St. Mary’s Rate

FHA-insured loans began 2014 with new loan level limits for St. Mary’s County but still offer features attractive to many buyers.

Reverse Mortgages: ‘Life-Changing’

Robbie Loker, the reverse mortgage specialist at Primary Residential Mortgage, says there are ways homeowners 62 and older can take money from their homes as they need it.

Owning a Home: Still the American Dream

Job satisfaction is pretty direct for Mike Lorenzini of Primary Residential Mortgage: help someone buy his or her first house, help someone else achieve The American Dream.

Building a Garden from the Bottom Up

flowers grown from compost

Composting reduces waste, improves the health of the soil and delivers a green fertilizer to both edibles and ornamentals in your lawn.

Don’t Erode, Expand

Planting shoreline vegetation can stop erosion and even add land.