March 25, 2023

Substance Abuse Recovery Court Grad Describes Addiction

Rodney Moore graduated from St. Mary’s County Substance Abuse Recovery Court and describes his better life today.

Recovery Court Moves People Past Their Addictions

Evaughn Lennon, case manager for St. Mary’s Substance Abuse Recovery Court helps people overcome their addictions.

Recovery Court Building Alumnus Group

Michael West is turning his story of incorrigibility through recovery into outreach to bring alumni back to adult drug court.

Recovery Court Launches Newsletter

On a fiscal level, jail costs $99-105 per day, Recovery Court costs $19. In human capital it’s the difference between a perennial offender and a productive community member.

Another Recovery Court Success

It might be the most difficult graduation to achieve, but St. Mary’s Substance Abuse Recovery Court continues to produce graduates who overcome obstacles hard to imagine. Here a graduate explains.

Substance Recovery Court Receives CMI Check

Formerly known as Adult Drug Court, the loss of federal funding has prompted formation of a citizen committee to seek replacement funding sources.