September 23, 2023

Have Some Strategic Thinking with Your Lunch

Dale Moore
Dale Moore

Dale Moore

The Patuxent Partnership

invites our Members and the regional community to

Strategic Thinking

the second in a series of “Brown Bag” lunch programs


Dale Moore

Director for Strategic Initiative Coordination and Execution, NAVAIR/Assistant to the NAWCAD Commander for Strategic Operations 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wyle Conference Center North, 22309 Exploration Dr, Lexington Park, MD

There is no cost for this program.  Kindly register online in advance so we can anticipate number of participants. Bring your bagged lunch.

Doors open at 11:15pm.

Purpose: To share and exchange strategic thinking perspectives between NAVAIR, NAWCAD and the community, and to build an understanding of our future challenges and opportunities.

This series will offer an interactive discussion exploring the concept of strategic thinking, what it is, how to do it, and what it all means when assessing the 21st Century environment. The discussions will highlight insights and perspectives from multiple lenses to help examine the future, and understand what it means today so that we can collectively plan for the future and ensure regional excellence in support of the warfighter.

Expect to participate and engage in an active dialogue “at the edge,” to share learning and new ideas about how the community can best work together, and to consider how we should be shaping events today in preparation for a highly complex and dynamic future.

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