July 8, 2024

FREE Resource Library from Walden Wise

After a year of CoCreating with caring adults just like you, we’re thrilled to unveil our FREE resource library – The CoCreator Collection.

This digital treasure trove, meticulously designed based on the science of what works, offers a diverse range of resources to empower you in nurturing children’s emotional well-being. From quick insights and practical tips to deeper dives into critical topics, and immersive multimedia adventures, it’s a comprehensive digital platform designed to support you every step of the way in your journey of fostering emotional health for kids.

Navigating the challenges of childhood today can feel like traversing a maze without a map. Amidst the noise and confusion, finding trustworthy guidance becomes more critical than ever. Recognizing the struggles children face and the uncertainty adults grapple with, we’ve crafted The CoCreator Collection as a beacon of clarity and support.

The CoCreator Collection is your ultimate toolkit to help the kids you care about. By leveraging the insights and activities within this collection, you’ll have the knowledge and support to make a profound difference in their emotional well-being. Imagine the impact we can have when equipped with the clarity and confidence we need and deserve.

Take an important step towards supporting the children in your life by diving into The CoCreator Collection and unlocking your full potential as a caring adult.

Not sure where to get started with the Walden Wise Guiding Practices? Take the CoCreator Quiz, a five-minute quiz to discover the ideal starting point for your CoCreatoring journey.

Your insights will pinpoint the best place for you to begin. And as a bonus, you’ll receive a set of three conversation starters – one for each practice – so you can begin where your results suggest and keep the others for when the time is right.

Click “Start” to begin.

Children live in worlds created by adults. Yet, the very information that could often help us improve the experience of childhood is far removed from our daily lives. The solutions that exist remain out of our reach.

Walden Wise is a new community dedicated to bringing caring adults closer to each other and what works on behalf of children. We refer to our community members as CoCreators – caring adults who want to improve the lives of children by attending to their emotional health.

Please join us as we share valuable resources, connections and experiences to help you nurture the emotional health of the kids in your life.

At Walden Wise we call ourselves CoCreators. What kind of CoCreator are you? Let us know: Visit us at WaldenWise.org, join us on Facebook and Linked-In, follow us on Instagram. Visit our Leader Member page.



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