May 21, 2019

CSM Event Will Introduce Engineering to Girls

A program at the College of Southern Maryland on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, will introduce young girls to the many career opportunities in the science and technology fields.

“Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” will be held from 10 am to 3 pm in Room 100 at the Campus Center (CC Building) at the La Plata Campus at 8730 Mitchell Road. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, contact CSM Pre-Engineering Coordinator Jehnell Linkins at

“We want young girls to know that engineering is fun and can be a great career,” Ms. Linkins said. “The world needs more women in the engineering field and becoming tomorrow’s problem solvers.”

Gender diversity in engineering and computer science has been a continuous struggle, according to a presentation given by Dr. Roberta Rincon, senior manager of research for the Society of Women Engineers, at the 2018 American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition in June.

In Dr. Rincon’s paper she wrote that “gender diversity in engineering and computer science (ECS) has been a continuous struggle. Women have been enrolling and graduating from college at higher rates than men for three decades, but disciplines like ECS continue to strive to raise their female enrollments.”

Partnering and participating in the free event Feb. 21 along side CSM instructors will be representatives from NASA, the National Institute of Science, and Naval Air Station Patuxent River, to name a few.

With a focus on engaging, educating, and employing a future pipeline for a highly skilled and competitive workforce, CSM is a valuable resource for parents, students, and employers. Partners, including the naval installations, the boards of education, colleges, career centers, private industry, civic organizations, and professional associations, have collaborated with CSM to coordinate efforts from grade school through college in order to ensure a highly skilled workforce that can be employed locally to lead our region into the future.

For more information about CSM’s STEM programs, visit the college’s website.

For more about the College of Southern Maryland, visit its Leader member page.

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