December 6, 2023

Checklist for Your Moving Day

Posted by Barbara Raley
Leading Edge

After the weeks of searching and the tribulations of qualifying and finally settling on your new home, it’s time for an even bigger job: Moving.

There are some real professionals around Southern Maryland who have faced military moves their entire working careers. Here is the checklist I’ve corralled listening to their suggestions over the course of my career.

Although the timeline presented here might be a luxury you don’t have, I consider a two-month window as optimal.

I also strongly suggest you secure a simple floor plan of your new home. This can prove invaluable in deciding what you want to move, and what you don’t. It can also guide you and your movers as to where your possessions are to be placed.

Two Months Out

  • Set-up a file or notebook of all moving-related paperwork
  • Obtain moving company estimates
  • Get rid of what you don’t want
  • Inventory your possessions
  • Search for physicians and other family services near your new home. There are many excellent reference sources in communities. Your Real Estate Agent can help you locate these in  your new community.
  • Follow-up with transfer of school and family medical records

Six Weeks Out

  • Rent storage if needed
  • Contract with mover
  • Notify homeowner’s insurance regarding transit coverage
  • Contact all insurance providers (auto, medical, life, etc.)  to transfer coverage to new address

One Month Out

  • Accumulate important financial and family records and documents into a file or notebook to remain with you. Keep a copy of the inventory you have created here as well.
  • Submit change of address notifications:
    • Post office
    • Financial institutions
    • Credit card
    • Insurance and financial advisors
    • Postal subscriptions
  • Transfer utilities.  Notify your current utilities when to transfer or discontinue service from your old home. Establish service with new utilities.
  • The availability and operations of utilities vary greatly. Your Real Estate Agent can provide you with a list of the utility companies serving your new home.
    • Electric
    • Heating oil
    • Natural gas
    • Cable services (television, telephone, Internet)
    •  Telephone (Internet)
    • Trash collection
    • Water
    • Sewer
  • Notify Motor Vehicle Administration of your new address
  • Apartment dwellers arrange for return of security deposit.
  • Cancel/transfer home services (grass cutting, cleaning)

Two Weeks Out

  • Reserve elevator if exiting a high-rise building.
  • Close/transfer bank accounts to new address and/or new bank.
  • Conclude travel plans including child care arrangements
  • Finalize pet moving arrangements
  • Review arrangements with moving company

One Week Out

  • Pack those items that must remain with you, including your files/notebooks of moving details and of important family papers; medications; any other traveling needs

Three Days Before

  • Make your final arrangements with any dangling end. And then allow that it is for a few days out of your hands and enjoy all that your moving day promises in your new home.
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