June 27, 2022

Art & Lifestyle:

SMECO Offers Scholorships

mortar board

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative is offering college scholarships for 2012-2013.

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Route 234 Reopens

Flooded out bridge reopens with temporary crossing.

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Hospital Takes Community Pulse

Community has a doctor shortage and high percentage of overweight people and smokers.

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Next Auction in April

Flat Iron Farm kicked off the holiday season with a massive auction.

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Healthcare Law on Docket

The Supreme Court will consider an Obamacare case in March.

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How It’s Made: Banners

Banners don’t just grow on poles. They’re made by hand at Barefoot Graphics.

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Back in Gear

Park Chrysler hit hard times in 2009, but now it’s back in the game.

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Leaner, Meaner Data System

Adm. Smith ensures Navy networks stay strong, even as budget shrinks.

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FOUR Shopping Days Left

Vintage Source has two more weekends left before Christmas.

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Comment on Wine Bill

Wine Glasses

Legislative hearing on on winery sales and farmers market upgrades scheduled.

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