April 23, 2024

Route 234 Reopens

Image by Mads Boedker

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) has announced that it has reopened MD 234 (Budds Creek Road) over Allens Fresh Run. This restores a vital business and commuter link between Charles and St. Mary’s Counties in southern Maryland. Replacement of the small bridge over Allens Fresh Run became necessary after heavy rains in August and September undermined MD 234 and washed out the existing structure, forcing the closure of MD 234.

A steel temporary bridge has been erected following extensive site preparation work. Prior to assembling the temporary bridge, crews stabilized the work site by driving large steel sheet piles deep into the soil beneath Allens Fresh Run, then backfilling and anchoring the sheet piles with a concrete and steel tie-back system. The move allows for the design and construction of a permanent structure without the need for additional closures of the roadway.

Source: SHA


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