September 30, 2023

AeroPark Branding Advances

Just next door to Wildewood Properties, a newly branded AeroPark Innovation District is emerging around St. Mary’s County Regional Airport, announced St. Mary’s Department of Economic Development.

Alongside Arnett Muldrow and Associates and St. Mary’s Department of Public Works and Transportation, Economic Development Director Chris Kaselemis provided an overview this month of the Innovation District Master Plan. The plan would move forward with the implementation of a new brand identity.

The AeroPark Innovation District name and logo design were revealed to the public for the first time during this presentation.

The AeroPark Innovation District designation is home to the St. Mary’s County Regional Airport, the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland campus including the new SMART building, the University of Maryland Unmanned Aerial System Test Site, the TechPort business accelerator, and a variety of specialized aviation and aeronautic companies as well as the adjacent Wildewood Professional and Technology Park, retail areas, and the industrial area along Airport View Drive.

“We are excited by the combination of business, industry education, and research centered around the regional airport,” said Mr. Kaselemis. “This effort provides a unique opportunity to strengthen and expand the local economy, deliver education and employment opportunities, and create a world-class research and innovation hub. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months!”

The aeropark design was derived from a series of industry and community stakeholder sessions over several days, during which a broad range of stakeholders were asked to provide input and discussion on the development of the future district.

Innovation districts are geographic areas where large institutions and businesses cluster with start-ups and incubators to drive innovation, accelerate product development, and assist with commercialization of new technology. They represent the best practices in  design, planning, social science, learning, and product development.

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