February 21, 2024

Debt Limit Set; DoD Budget Next


The FY24 defense authorization and budget are moving to the front of Capitol Hill agendas with $886 billion in military appropriations set out for next year. There is already bipartisan support for an anticipated defense supplement, but also a breaking in GOP ranks over how DoD money is spent.

Latest US Aid Package to Ukraine Is Largest Yet

Aid Package

The latest package of military aid from the US is the biggest to date for Ukraine. The Defense Department will be delivering Bradleys and other infantry fighting vehicles armed with anti-tank missiles as part of a $3.75 billion assistance package.

Space Troopers Name Reflects Calvary

Perhaps the name sounds like something out of a space opera, but  ‘space troopers’ were actually named to reflect similar jobs as those carried out by trooper in the cavalry: ‘offensive security operations, deep reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition, and executing screening actions in support of friendly forces’.