June 23, 2024

Young Life of St. Mary’s Hopes to Bring in Area Director

Saturday, May 3, Young Life of St. Mary’s will hold an auction to lay the foundation for a new permanent Area Director.

The New Economy Sparks Creativity

A million dollar home doesn’t have to cost a million dollars, says Jeff Errington of Errington Builders.

Get Excited About Your Custom HVAC

Errington Builders and T.N.Bowes can make your home into your dream home with custom, detail-oriented HVAC and more.

Errington Builders’ Master Plumber Can Plumb Any Home

E&M Plumbing’s Don Eaton, with 30 years as a master plumber, says he and his co-worker can “plumb any house.” Exactly what Errington Builders wants.

Cabinetry Extends Beyond Kitchens, Even into Offices

Local custom cabinetry fits Errington Builders’ needs for top-quality cabinetry designed to provide beauty and function for both commercial and residential jobs

Meet the Builder Who Meets Deadlines

Unlike Congress, meeting deadlines is standard operating procedure for Errington Builders.

The Unseen Elements of a Quality Home

house frame

Many unseen foundations and skeletal systems make a top quality home, says custom home builder Jeff Errington.

Building Art With Trash, Creativity and Skill

Jeff Errington artLab

Errington Builders used re-purposed materials, creativity and construction expertise to build artLAB.

It Matters Who Your Builder Knows, Meet Jeff Errington

The best isn’t always the most expensive. The best is exactly what you want at top-notch quality. Errington Builders specialize in the best.

Custom Cost, Custom Site, Custom Home

Custom home pricing is as important a customizing characteristic as any other, perhaps the most important.