April 18, 2024

STS Posts Route Changes

STS bus

In order to streamline services and improve route efficiencies, the following route changes were implemented by the St. Mary’s Transit System, effective this week. STS is hosting its quarterly Transportation Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday.

  • Southbound Route / Route #1 – will only serve the Bean Building as a stop request.
  • Northbound Route / Route #2 – will no longer serve the Exploration Building and Bean Building going north.
  • Leonardtown Loop / Route #3 – will serve St. Mary’s Hospital at 15 minutes after the hour and will serve Cedar Lane Apartments at 50 minutes after the hour.
  • Great Mills Loop, Route #4 – will resume the original designated schedule. This route will begin at Tulagi Place, to Great Mills Rd. to Forrest Run Drive to Pegg Rd, to Spring Valley Drive, to Liberty Street, to Great Mills Road, to Westbury Boulevard, to Chancellor’s Run Road, to Hickory Hills, to Lexwood Drive, to Great Mills Road, to Shangri-La Drive, back onto Great Mills Road, returning to Tulagi Place connecting with the Southbound/ Northbound and Southern Route.
  • Rt 5 Express / Route #8 – will leave the Lexwood Drive transfer point at 30 minutes after the hour and will only serve Cedar Lane Apartments as a stop request.
  • Charlotte Hall Route / Route #9 – will no longer serve the Social Security Administration Building.
  • Northern Route / Route #10 – will serve the Social Security Administration as a stop request from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. prior to going to Food Lion and after leaving Food Lion in Charlotte Hall.
  • If you have any questions, or need a paratransit application, please contact the STS office at 301-863-8400, extension 1120 or visit their website at www.stmarysmd.com/dpw/transit.

Source: St. Mary’s County Public Information Office

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