July 14, 2024

Still Space at St. Mary’s Chamber Showcase Seminars

Posted by Technology Security Associates
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St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce has sold out exhibitor space and the members’ luncheon at Business Showcase 2013 opening at 11 a.m. May 8 at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center.

Afternoon seminars remain open to members and their employees.

Reflecting the changing marketplace, the seminars are heavily weighted with demystifying Internet marketing techniques. Seminars on perennial business information needs are also offered, one on managing human resources as well as business start-up and expansion financing.

Contact St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce to register for the seminars listed below:

1:45 p.m. Seminar 1: Deciphering Internet Marketing Options and Opportunities

Presented by Tom Jarboe, Technology Security Associate, Inc. and Viki Volk, Lexington Park Leader

What size is your Internet footprint?  Why does it matter?  These questions and others will be answered in this seminar as you learn how to grow your company’s visibility and raise its ranking on search engine responses, learn to promote your expertise through organic searches, to focus the Internet on your target market and also ways to appear in markets you have never reached before.  Tom Jarboe, founder of Technology Security Associates, the only Southern Maryland member of CyberMaryland, and Viki Volk, publisher of www.LexLeader.NET, an online marketing engine, will explain all of this and more, helping you decipher Internet marketing for your business.

2:30 p.m. Seminar 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Business Financing

Presented by Kelly Robertson-Slagle and Gene Townsend, Small Business & Technology Development Center

Whether you are starting a new business or simply planning to expand your existing business, it is essential to know the financial resources that are available to you.  This workshop will begin to explore how to evaluate sources of business financing to determine which would best serve your needs.  Learn various ways to finance a business, including debt or equity, grants, economic incentives, boot strapping, and venture capital.

3:00 p.m. Seminar 3: Google Analytics

Presented by Steve Tripp, Chaney Enterprises, Inc.

Are you getting everything you can out of your web site’s data?  If you are not using Google’s free web site analytics tool, then you are missing out!  This 90-minute crash course in Google Analytics shows you some best practices and practical tips and tricks to get more out of your web site’s data than just how many people show up.  Learn about account administration, campaign tracking, tracking site goals, advance segments and a lot more.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you set up Google Analytics on your site as soon as possible so you have as much live and historical data to work with during the session to get the most out of it.  For help setting up, email the presenter at [email protected] for assistance.

3:15 p.m. Seminar 4: How to Work with People who are Different from You

Presented by Carolyn Huff, Manager Training Simplified, LLC

Understanding what motivates your employees can make a huge difference in how you manage them.  In this class, you will learn about these motivations, the traits of the five generations of workers and  how to deal with each one.  With this knowledge you can bring out the best in everyone.  As owner of Manager Training Simplified, Carolyn Huff trains managers how to manage their people.

Showcase corporate sponsors are Chaney Enterprises, Fantasy World Entertainment, Old Line Bank, MetroCast Business Services, and SMECO.

Sponsors of the luncheon include Constellation Energy; Pierce Financial Group, Inc.; DML; PNC Bank. Sponsors of the closing reception include Bob Taylor Engineer, Inc., California’s Place and Guy Distributing Company. Showcase Program Sponsor is Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the lucky winer of one of the great prizes listed below. Completing a “Tour Card” makes you eligible to win will one of these prices from Tour Card Prize Sponsors: Chaney Enterprises, $250 gift certificate to the Hardscape Center; a three-month membership to LexLeader.net  worth $650; TNBowes Heating & Air, a $100 gift certificate; four passes to the Calvert Marine Museum and four passes to a one-hour cruise aboard the Wm. H. Tennison; complimentary luxury suite to a Southern Maryland Blue Crabs game donated by the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and a Xerox Phaser 6010N Color Printer from Southern Solutions.


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