May 21, 2024

SMECO’s Math Challenge Winners

The Grade 4 first-place team members from Evergreen Elementary School, from left in the front row, are Gabe Meyer, Sylas Carpenter, and Terrence Thurmon Jr. In the back row are Cathy Novak, Harshal Shah, Dylan Owen, Ella Whitmer, and Jacob Hubscher.

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative co-sponsored the annual Elementary Mathematics Challenge Competition for fourth- and fifth-graders. The event was held from school sites March 23, 2023.

Seventeen elementary schools participated, with a total of 31 teams and 214 mathletes in attendance. The competition consisted of an individual challenge and a team challenge. During the individual challenge, each team member took a test consisting of multiple-choice questions. During the team challenge, team members collaborated to answer five multiple-step mathematics problems.

The scores of the top five finishers on the individual tests from each school were averaged to make the individual school total. The individual school total was combined with the team score to make the final school team score.

Below are the school team results for the first five places in each grade level:

Grade 4

  • 1st Evergreen Elementary School
  • 2nd Leonardtown Elementary School
  • 3rd Benjamin Banneker Elementary School
  • 4th C.W.F. Duke Elementary School
  • 5th Piney Point Elementary School

Grade 5

  • 1st C.W.F. Duke Elementary School
  • 2nd Evergreen Elementary School
  • 3rd Hollywood Elementary School
  • 4th Dynard Elementary School
  • 5th Leonardtown Elementary School

Below are school individual results for the first five places in each grade level:

Grade 4

  • 1st Gabriel Meyer Evergreen Elementary School
  • 2nd Alexander Guzman Piney Point Elementary School
  • 3rd Ivan Huang C.W.F. Duke Elementary School

Grade 5

  • 1st Alex Vo Hollywood Elementary School
  • 2nd Joseph Ross Evergreen Elementary School
  • 3rd Elliot Orthner (tie) C.W.F. Duke Elementary School
  • 3rd Seamus Troutman (tie) C.W.F. Duke Elementary School

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Grade 5 first-place team from Captain Walter Francis Duke Elementary School. Front row from left are Elliot Orthner and Alaina Balcom. Middle row: Seamus Troutman and Malcolm Ahern. Back row: Nolan Lavender, Jack Merriman, and Andrew Hair.

Grade 4 First Place Individual – Gabriel Meyer – Evergreen Elementary School.

Grade 5 First Place Individual – Alex Vo – Hollywood Elementary School.

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