April 23, 2024

Safety Top on Bates’ Issues

Bill Bates is running for Delegate, District 29C, a reconfigured legislative district at the southern ends of St. Mary’s and Calvert counties.

Many former 29C addresses in St. Mary’s County were transferred into a different legislative district. [Find your district and locate voting information for Nov. 8, 2022.].

Bill Bates retired from a 35-year career as a Maryland Natural Resource Police Officer and continues to work at the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office as a Civilian Logistics Coordinator. He served during the first Gulf War to Saudi Arabia for Operations Desert Storm and was deployed to the Pentagon after 9-11.

Safety is always a top concern. High on his safety priorities is the Thomas Johnson Bridge, connecting District 29C’s St. Mary’s and Calvert residents and serving as a vital transportation link for Southern Maryland.

During his years with DNR, Bill had many opportunities to observe the deterioration of the T.J. Bridge from its base. He supports rebuilding the aging bridge. Adequate and safe transportation is critical for stimulating tourism and supporting small businesses.

Infrastructure safety extends beyond the physical needs of bridges and highways.

“Fire, rescue, and EMS personnel must have the tools and funds to do their jobs. And adequate funding must also reach our schools, and our teachers,” Bill says. “Our future is quite literally in their hands.”

[The Education Association of St. Mary’s County and the Maryland State Education Association have endorsed Bill Bates for the Maryland Delegate 29C seat.]

And not the least of the imperatives for a safe community is affordable housing.

“We all need a safe home. Affordable housing is a fundamental part of a safe community, which is fundamental to a healthy business climate as well.”

Bill moved to St. Mary’s County from Calvert County in 1999 and will become the first delegate to have lived-experience in both counties if he prevails in the Nov. 8, 2022 election.

He currently resides in Medley’s Neck, Leonardtown, MD. He is a member and trustee of Brooks United Methodist Church in Calvert County.

Bill asks for  your vote on November 8th. He will get the job done for 29C!

To learn more about Bill Bates or to volunteer on Bill’s team, visit: billbatesfor29c.com.

By Authority: Friends of Bill Bates, Diana Little, Treasurer

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