May 19, 2024

Naval Air Museum Seeks Social Media Content

Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
Posted for Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
By Adam Caruso, PRNAM Facebook Administrator

Completion of the new Navy Museum building is one of the most anticipated openings in St. Mary’s County. Along with the opening come higher expectations of the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Association (PRNAMA) for continued public engagement through exhibits, events and public outreach and also in the realm of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

Social media provides PRNAMA a way to distribute relevant museum information to far more people than can be reached in person. It is vital that postings from the PRNAMA be regular, diverse in content and engaging. The only way that this can be accomplished is if everyone contributes! Here are some examples of content the Association would like to post along with related and all important photographs.

  • Historical and current Naval Aviation flight test activities at PAX. This can include TPS, NATC, NAWC, aircraft, test equipment, prototypes, simulation, and specific flight test procedures. Telling the story on these activities is at the core of PRNAM’s mission
  • News stories and updates relating to the new Exhibit Center, Bldg. A including construction/architectural facts, expected milestone dates, opening information and interesting photographs of the building under construction
  • Pictures of PRNAM outreach activities such as scout troop visits, PRNAMA members in volunteer roles, STEM-related events at the Museum, links to Podcasts and online interviews or any other activities that show activities at the Museum
  • Pictures and stories of PRNAMA Events including Meet the Airplane, Decompression Nights and events coming up
  • Pictures of Gift Shop merchandise and Museum marketing materials
  • Pictures of people enjoying their time at the Museum!

Send whatever content you think might be appropriate for our use to Mari Rondeau at [email protected].

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