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Nationals Heal 86 Years of Heartbreak

Washington Nationals
Washington Nationals infielder Howie Kendrick, named NLCS MVP, in a post-game interview Tuesday night at Nationals Park. Photo by Andrew J. Scott

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The Washington Post giddily reports the Washington Nationals advance to the World Series — and a city’s baseball scars have healed. Where grief was once expected, now there’s nothing but possibility as they beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 7-4, in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series, completing a dominant — if surprisingly dicey — sweep at a delirious ballpark, swoons WAPO.

NationalsHere’s what’s known about the 2019 World Series schedule so far. Wikipedia describes the history of the Washington Nationals.

Soldiers are smoking a lot more weed in states where it’s legalized, reports Task & Purpose. At nine Army bases in or near marijuana-friendly states, there has been a roughly 18% increase between 2017 and 2018 in positive drug tests for THC, the principal psychoactive component in cannabis. For comparison, there has been a 5% increase in soldiers testing positive for THC across the entire Army.

Navy base suffers damage to more than 20 structures after Typhoon Hagibis pummels Japan, reports Stars and Stripes. Naval Air Facility Atsugi lay along typhoon’s path and appears the worst hit of the US military bases in and around Tokyo.

VP Mike Pence and SecState Mike Pompeo to carry President Donald Trump’s demand and threat to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, reports The New York Times. At the Thursday meeting, Pence and Pompeo are charged with relaying Mr. Trump’s demand that Mr. Erdogan negotiate a cease-fire in Syria and to reiterate the president’s threat to impose economic sanctions if Turkey does not comply. CNN quotes Erdogan saying Turkey will never negotiate a cease-fire in Syria.

Russian and Syrian troops fill the void as US pulls troops out of Syria, reports Military Times, which also cites an AP report that the  approximately 1,000 withdrawing will reposition in Iraq, Kuwait, and possibly Jordan. Meanwhile, Military Times says US troops are scrambling to exit Syria. Daily operations at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey continue, reports Air Force Times, but concerns grow regarding  the (accidentally revealed) presence of US nuclear weapons at Incirlik, believed to be about 50 B61 gravity bombs.

America sold more than $55 billion in weapons in FY19, about the same as the year before, reports Defense News.

The Trump administration executes cyber attack against Iran, reports Reuters, attacking Iranian physical hardware to counter what it sees as Iranian aggression, without spiraling into a broader conflict.

Gordon Bitko, the FBI’s chief of IT, leaves the agency to join the Information Technology Industry Council as its senior vice president of policy, reports MeriTalk. FCW reports Bitko will lead the ITI Council’s inquiries into federal IT modernization as well as public sector procurement, supply chain risk, and government acquisition and implementation of cybersecurity.

An all-female spacewalk this week, reports Spaceflight Now, seeks to restore lost power associated with the installation of new batteries in International Space Station’s solar power system during two earlier spacewalks. Astronauts Christina Koch, making her fourth spacewalk, and Jessica Meir, making her first, will float outside the station to remove a malfunctioning 19-year-old battery charge-discharge unit and install a 232-pound replacement.

Boeing and Sikorsky’s Defiant is back up in the skies again, reports Defense News, after after modifications to the demonstrator aircraft.

Marines and sailors could soon get college credit for classroom time put into career training and professional military education, reports Sailors and Marines could soon be eligible for real-world college credit for all that.

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