March 22, 2023

COPS Cutting Crime in Lexington Park

Posted by Lexington Park Business and Community Association
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To applause and appreciation, Sergeant Clay Safford updated the Lexington Park Business and Community Association on the first full month of the COPS program in Lexington Park.

Arrests for nuisance crime are soaring and suspicious activity is being reported and investigated. Property managers, human service agencies, businesses and neighbors are contacting and working with the six-officer unit, Sgt. Safford said.

Efforts to clean blighted areas of loitering and public drinking are ongoing. Areas habituated by these crimes are being more routinely patrolled.

Dead-end streets and single-access wooded sites have long been a patrolling problem in Lexington Park. And that is being addressed as well. Off-road paths allow criminal activities to disband and disperse down routes inaccessible to police vehicles. Four of the COPS officers will be trained on police tactics on mountain bikes in the coming weeks, enabling them to pursue suspects fleeing off-road.

The business and community association will be working to raise the money needed to purchase the correctly equipped mountain bikes for the COPS.

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