July 14, 2024

Concerns Remain Over Election Hacking

Primary Election

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US officials continue to express concern that Russia will use its cyber capabilities to try to interfere in today’s presidential election. NBC News reports that the US government hackers are ready to hit back if Russia attempts to disrupt the election.

But despite the speculation, The Christian Science Monitor reports, there is little evidence that hackers will attempt to target voting systems. Arstechnia.com reports that the e-voting machines expected to tally millions of votes are woefully antiquated and subject to fraud should hackers get physical access to them.

Defense spending, sequestration, and government retirement benefits have emerged as key pay and benefit issues that might significantly influence the votes of America’s career military in today’s presidential election, Business Wire reports.

Defense officials warn that the next commander in chief needs to give special operations forces more resources or fewer missions to avoid burning out the skilled specialists, Military Times reports. A report from CNA, a Virginia-based research and analysis organization, is based on anonymous interviews with former special operations commanders, a former assistant Secretary of Defense, and “dozens of active duty special operations forces.”

Military experts say the campaign against ISIS will likely get more complicated, requiring more American troops on the ground and resulting in a long-term commitment of US forces to this region and others where ISIS is attempting to gain a foothold. In January, the new commander in chief will confront a host of hard questions about how to carry on the military mission, Military Times reports.

The Pentagon has been blocked by Congress for many years in its request to begin another round of Base Realignment and Closure. Now, facing a wave of modernization bills, a top DoD official has suggested officials need to look for alternative ways to shut down excess infrastructure, Defense News reports.

The Air Force is establishing cyber-squadron pilot programs that task specific units at bases to go on cybersecurity patrols to protect mission systems and core networks, Defense Systems reports.

The P-8A Poseidon will be able carry some of the fleet’s most fearsome weapons, such as the heat-seeking Sidewinder missile or the Harpoon anti-ship missile. This is the warplane that has the potential to make the Russians “very, very” nervous, Navy Times reports.

For the first time, Naval Air Station Key West is hosting a squadron of the new F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters for training. The new stealth jets making their way in and out of Boca Chica Field are being described as the most advanced fighters in the world — and one of the easiest to fly, keynews.com reports. “The biggest advantage is the automation of the jet,” said Strike Fighter Squadron 101 Lt. Michael “Squintz” Procelli. “It’s smoother and frees up a lot of time. It takes a lot of variables away so we can focus on the mission instead of maintaining air speed and altitude.”

Great Britain’s fleet of Sentry E-3D early warning aircraft has been grounded while its Royal Air Force rectifies electrical wiring and other issues with the aircraft, Defense News reports.

Lockheed Martin’s experts are struggling to answer questions posed by 3D printing, Advanced Manufacturing reports. “Should we invest in the technology today or wait until it’s faster and cheaper?” Robert Ghobrial, an additive manufacturing lead for the company, said. “Should we have a centralized or localized printing model?”

The Washington Post reports that a cargo ship and its international crew have been stranded in the Baltimore harbor for more than 45 days after the vessel had serious engine problems and the Coast Guard deemed it unsafe to sail.

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