September 20, 2023

Here Comes the Boom

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U.S. Navy photo

That booming you’re about to hear across the Potomac? AOL Defense says those are FREAKIN’ RAIL GUNS, baby!

The Air Force mothballing of Block 30 Global Hawks could affect the Navy’s plans (subscription required) for joint basing of the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance program, according to Inside Defense. The Navy is considering foreign sales for the Fire Scout helicopter drone, AOL Defense reports.

From Pax to Jax: The P-8A Poseidon flies down to Jacksonville for its ordnance certification, The Florida Times-Union reports.

First Dutch F-35 nears completion, Aviation Week reports. Meanwhile, Lockheed’s aeronautics president bails out with a $1 million parachute, according to the Star-Telegram.

Videos: Wired’s cameras roam the deck of the USS Wasp during the Navy’s Bold Alligator war game operation.

The Hill finds Republican lawmakers have “buyer’s remorse” after raising the debt limit last year. AOL Defense presents the “Insider’s Guide” to the Pentagon budget. U.S. News opines that the Pentagon should embrace further cuts to avoid hamfisted sequestration. The Navy Times predicts that the Navy will benefit from budget-induced force structure re-balancing.

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