February 2, 2023

2 Boxers Bring Home Golden Gloves Titles

Golden Gloves
Knowledge Boxing Center’s Head Coach Daryl Hinmon, Erniece “Scrap” Dawson, Marlin “Hitman” Smith, and Coach John Richardson at the 2021 Washington, DC, Regional Golden Gloves tournament at Rosecroft Racetrack in Fort Washington, MD.

Knowledge Boxing Center’s Erniece “Scrap” Dawson and Marlin “Hitman” Smith, both of Lexington Park, secured 2021 Regional Golden Gloves championship titles.

The regional tournament was held December 4 at Rosecroft Racetrack.

Ms. Dawson, who already secured the local championship in the 125-pound division, initially had the opportunity to compete in the Regional 119-pound division.

She is an engineer at NAS Patuxent River.

“I had two weeks to drop a weight class. I was determined to meet my goal, so I trained twice a day and ran at least four miles daily,” Ms. Dawson says. “I maintained a strict diet and was well on my way to making the weight, when the 119-pound opponent had to pull out the tournament. Luckily, there was a 125-pound opponent, so I started the process to regain the weight and adjust the game plan to our new opponent. I really appreciated the opportunity to compete. It was an awesome fight and some great work.”

Now that the tournament is over, Ms. Dawson says she is “so joyful that I won! I worked hard. I earned it. I trained every single day, and it feels good for my hard work to pay off. I thank God so much! I am grateful for my coaches, teammates, family, and all the support I have received.”

Mr. Smith, a graduate of Great Mills High School, won his three-round, 125-pound Open Class bout by decision.

“My plan leading up to the fight was to work hard, understand my opponent’s tendencies, and execute the game plan,” he says. “I know my opponent was prepared to give his all to win, but so was I. I was locked and loaded and spent time visualizing my success in the ring.”

At the end of the bout, Smith says “it felt like a dream, but it really was a dream that came true! I was happy and full of joy because I got the job done.”

Coach John Richardson of Knowledge Boxing Center had the following to say about the two champions: “Both fighters trained hard and mentally prepared themselves for a tournament where they knew their skills and conditioning would be tested in every single bout. They both fought with the will to win, and both passed those tests with flying colors. Both fighters are deserving of the title Golden Glove Champion. They earned it.”

Mr. Smith concludes, “I’d like to thank God, my team, my supporters, and my opponent. He was a tough fighter, who brought the best out of me. I’m looking forward to many more challenges in the future.”

When asked, what’s next, Ms. Dawson says, “I want to continue to get better, so we are going right back in the gym because the work don’t stop.”

Both boxers train out of the Knowledge Boxing Center at 21310 Great Mills Road in Lexington Park under the guidance of Head Coach Daryl Hinmon, Coach John Richardson, and Assistant Coach Reggie Farmer.

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