February 5, 2023

Will US Continue to Rule the Skies?


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Can America retain its edge in the sky? By 2030 the most powerful air forces in the world, The National Interest reports, will still include the US, Russia, and the United Kingdom. New is China and Israel. China continues to build up air power commensurate with its status as the second-largest economy in the world.

UK Defense Minister Michael Fallon says his country’s vote to leave the European Union will not diminish its global role, Defense News reports, and in fact may open up opportunities for innovation on defense technologies. Brexit, Mr. Fallon says, does not mean the UK is removing itself from the world stage.

A group of Democratic senators are urging President Barack Obama to cancel development of a new nuclear-capable cruise missile, Defense News reports. At issue is the Long-Range Standoff cruise missile, which will replace the Air-Launched Cruise Missile program. Proponents say the LRSO is vital to maintaining America’s nuclear posture. Opponents argue the weapon is too costly and unnecessary.

In an opinion piece, Breaking Defense says it’s imperative that Americans ask the presidential candidates some tough questions about their budgetary and defense strategies and cyber security policies. Party platforms don’t go far enough in telling the public what they would do as president to defend the nation.

During his presidential nomination speech Thursday at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump promised to “completely rebuild our depleted military” and to take care of veterans “like they’ve never been taken care of before,” Military Times reports. Mr. Trump vowed that as commander in chief he would end America’s “international humiliation” at the hands of Democrats. The Democratic National Convention begins today in Philadelphia, PA.

Defense News says Hillary Clinton’s choice of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate creates a formidable foreign policy tandem in a year when Republicans hope to own national security as their issue.

Both major party presidential candidates are scheduled to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in North Carolina this week to discuss their campaigns and priorities for Veterans Affairs reform should they become commander in chief. Mrs. Clinton is expected to speak today, and Mr. Trump will speak on Tuesday.

US officials call on their partners in the coalition against the Islamic State to increase intelligence sharing as the terrorist group morphs to focus on attacks beyond its shrinking self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria, Reuters reports. “Even as it is losing ground in the Middle East, we know already that they’re going to try to transform themselves into [a] global terrorist organization,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

The US Navy wants to prepare the infrastructure in Norway for receiving the P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft for shorter and longer stays in northern areas, The Nordic Page reports.

In its latest 10-K filing with the SEC, Lockheed Martin posted quarterly results that were better than expected. The company discussed the problems with the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jet, and managed to sum up all of the issues with the jet in one simple sentence, Business Insider reports.

Lockheed Martin and Pilatus Aircraft have completed the initial production test flight of the first PC-21 aircraft destined for the Australian Defence Force under the AIR 5428 Pilot Training System program, Aerotech News reports.

An international arbitration panel’s decision on the contested waters of the South China Sea so far is fueling tensions in the region instead of calming things down, Military Times reports.

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