July 5, 2022

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Wheeler Seeks Clerk of Circuit Court


I was born in St. Mary’s County and have lived here my entire life. For almost three decades, I have served the citizens in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. My life has been dedicated to ensuring our customers are served in the most professional manner.

Four years ago, when Mrs. Burch began to establish her “team,” I was never given the consideration for Chief Deputy. I continued working as a supervisor of the Criminal, Juvenile and Jury departments. New leadership brought about a new mindset. I watched as the office experienced over 50% turnover. In most cases these employees did not feel valued or supported. I maintained my professionalism and integrity serving the citizens for over two years under Mrs. Burch.

I myself left our office in June 2021. I was not looking to leave. I was recruited by the Clerk of Calvert County for a supervisor position. After careful thought, I decided this was an opportunity for me to benchmark another Clerk’s office to expand my leadership and knowledge. After my years of dedication, it broke my heart to walk away from what I knew to be home. I cared so much for the customers I served, the staff and friendships developed over the years.

Going to Calvert has taught me new ideas, broadened my networking group and has given me a sense of appreciation. This is my motivation to run for this office again. As a new Clerk, I have ideas that will financially benefit and offer convenience to our citizens. I, along with an empowered staff, will make it a priority to implement credit cards as a payment option; make a user-friendly office with all paperwork that you as a customer need is readily available; ensure all employees and customers are treated with the absolute utmost respect; and ensure all personnel are trained and cross trained to provide better access to the court justice system.

My heart and soul are in St. Mary’s County. My leadership will restore transparency, professionalism, integrity, and teamwork to the Clerk’s office. I know where I belong, and I know I am the right person. I am excited to serve the citizens of St. Mary’s County as your next Clerk of the Circuit Court. If you’re registered as a Republican, you’re ready to vote and I humbly ask for your vote in the primary election on July 19, 2022.

More information about Faye Wheeler can be found at the ElectFayeWheelerforClerkoftheCircuitCourt Facebook Page.

St. Mary’s Primary Races July 19, 2022, has a listing of all St. Mary’s County candidates facing primary challenges.

If you wish to vote in the Maryland Primary on July 19, 2022, you must register by June 28, 2022, as a Democrat or a Republican. You can only vote in the primary of the party where you registered. All voters in all political parties and those unaffiliated with a party can all vote in the General Election, Nov. 8, 2022. No matter how you have registered, you can vote for a candidate of any political party in the General Election.

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