January 19, 2019

UMBC Conducting Cybersecurity Survey

3-D Printing

The Patuxent Partnership is publicizing a way that the region’s residents and business can help to shape the future of Southern Maryland. A cybersecurity survey is available now that will help to make decisions on future training and development opportunities in the region. A survey is being conducted by the University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Centers Cybersecurity Academy.

The academy is conducting research as a step toward developing a specialized cybersecurity academy, which can be tailored to the cybersecurity talent and training needs of the Southern Maryland region. The best participants for this survey are experts and hiring professionals who can help develop this opportunity in Southern Maryland.

Complete the survey now.

Upcoming Events

Join The Patuxent Partnership on March 21, 2018, for a program titled “Is Autonomy the New Cyber?” Three separate panels will offer expert advice on whether autonomous programs will be replacing cyber as the newest innovation in technology and defense.

The event, which will be held at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, will start at 8 am with a welcome by Bonnie Green, executive director of The Patuxent Partnership. Opening remarks will begin at 8:05 am, by Rear Admiral Mark Darrah.

The first panel will begin at 9 am, with the title “Strategic Navy/Marine Autonomous Capabilities.”

A speaker will educate the audience at 11, going into lunch time, which begins at 11:45 am. The speaker has not yet been announced.

At 12:45 pm, the second panel will begin, titled “Leveraging Autonomous Capabilities for Warfighter Combat Superiority.” A coffee break and chance to see exhibits will be held from 2 to 2:30 pm.

At 2:30 pm, the third panel will begin, titled “Advancing Autonomy in the Cyber/AI Domains.”

A presentation is set for 3:45 pm, focusing less on national defense and more on American life. The presentation is titled “The Critical Role of Autonomous Vehicles in Disaster Relief and Improving Our Way of Life.”

Closing remarks begin at 4:15 pm, and then a reception will be held from 4:45 to 5:45 pm.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Admission to the event is $50.

About The Patuxent Partnership

TPP fosters collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and expertise across a diverse network that includes government, industry, and academia. TPP also supports STEM education and workforce development within the local community including hosting programs of interest to NAVAIR, NAWCAD, and the broader DoD community.

To learn more about The Patuxent Partnership and its programs, visit its Leader member page.

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