June 1, 2023

TPP to Present Talk on China’s Global Threats

China flag map

The Patuxent Partnership will present “Responding to China’s Existential Threat to Global Order – Sustaining US Leadership via Grand Strategic Thinking” with Dr. Dale Moore.

Tuesday, March 8 | 8:30 – 10 am

University System of Maryland at Southern MD Building 2, Center Hall

This in-person program will discuss the necessary and essential response to China’s global threats and the emerging opportunities to sustain US leadership at home and abroad. It will include a wide-ranging discussion of issues and considerations necessary for the development, formulation, and deployment of strategic thinking principles and practices.

Complimentary for all attendees. Registration is now open. Register here.

A proposed portfolio of top-level national strategies will be provided to assist attendees in developing a more holistic understanding and deeper appreciation for the challenges, issues, and game-changing opportunities that lie ahead. Ultimately, the presentation seeks to inform and support the development of US Grand Vision and Strategy.

Dr. Moore is the founder and president of The Moore Group LLC, a start-up focused on organizational strategy, innovation, and transformation.

He recently retired after 37 years supporting the US Navy and the Department of Defense, including as the director, Strategy and Innovation, DASN(RDTE) where he led the development and deployment of the DoN 30-year research and development plan and the DoN Strategic Thinking Community of Interest, and served as a plank owner for the ASN RDA Agility Campaign.

Prior positions include Director, Strategic Initiative Coordination and Execution for NAVAIR, the Director of the NAWCAD Strategic Cell, the Chief Systems Engineer for N-UCAS/X-47B, the Deputy Corporate Deployment Champion for “NAVAIR AIRSpeed,” NAVAIR’s Materials Research and Engineering Competency Lead/NAWCAD Aerospace Materials Division Director.

Dr. Moore serves on the TPP Academic Advisory Board, and has served on the Executive Board, MIT Lean Aerospace Initiative, and the University of Texas at Dallas Research Advisory Board.

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