May 30, 2023

TPP: Staying United Across COVID Impacts


“Staying United Across COVID-19 Impacts” is the topic of The Patuxent Partnership‘s next virtual program January 11. The event will include a briefing with Melvin Brennan, chief executive officer of the United Way of Southern Maryland.

8:30 to 9:30 am Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Registration is complimentary for all attendees. Register here.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about what the United Way of Southern Maryland does
  • Be informed on what is new with the organization
  • Discover why you should consider getting involved with United Way
  • Find out what the group is doing to help Southern Maryland recover from COVID-19 impacts
  • Hear from Kristine Millen of St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen, an organization that has been supported by the United Way

“We need community engagement and thought leaders to help everyone stay connected and work for the betterment of Southern Maryland,” said TPP Executive Director Bonnie Green. “Will you help steer this ship towards a brighter future for our community? What impact will you have in 2022 and beyond? We look forward to having you join TPP and the United Way of Southern Maryland online for this program and continued dialogue.”

About The Patuxent Partnership

The Patuxent Partnership is a nonprofit member organization that fosters collaboration between government, industry, and academia to advance education through STEM-based initiatives; to advance technology through speaker programs, forums, and networking; to advance science and technology transfer through the exchange of ideas, information, and data related to technologies; and to increase workforce development through an array of initiatives.

To learn more about The Patuxent Partnership and its programs, visit its Leader member page.

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