December 8, 2023

TPP Presents 3D Media Briefing & Demo

The Patuxent Partnership briefing August 31 will provide an overview of 3D Media’s company info, its offerings, and a demonstration with 3D founder and CEO Daryl Roy.

3D Media builds fully immersive VR training simulators for enterprise. The simulators engage users in real-world spaces, testing them in true to life scenarios. 3D Media utilizes multiple cutting-edge metrics to grade and evaluate users. Eye tracking gauges the user’s definiteness of action, biometric tracking monitors the user’s biological stress markers in response to training stimuli, and Artificial Intelligence/machine learning automatically adjusts stress inducing intensity in response to the user’s bio ethic responses.

Before the briefing, check out the following:

Video of some of 3D Media’s VR work for a large O&G company here.

Pitch Video for 3D Media’s D2P2 for Munitions Training here.

After a career in the US Army and commercial nuclear operations, Mr. Roy started 3D Media with the vision of bringing solid actionable knowledge to front line decision makers. With a team of SME’s and a strong partner network, Mr. Roy and 3D Media are striving everyday to accomplish that goal.

Registrants may attend in person at either Tech Port in Southern Maryland or the Central Florida Tech Grove in Orlando or log in to view the program online from 10:30 to 11:30 am Tuesday, August 31. Register here and indicate if you will be attending in person or participating online.

Southern MD Tech Bridge at Tech Port is at 44185 Airport Road in California, MD.

Central Florida Tech Grove is at 12809 Science Drive in Orlando, FL.

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