November 29, 2023

TPP Hosting Women’s History Event

Women's History
Sue DeGuzman, acting director of the Engineering and Cyber Warfare Group, at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Expo in August 2021. (NAVAIR News photo)

In honor of Women’s History Month, join The Patuxent Partnership and the Chesapeake Bay chapter of Women In Defense for a briefing with Susan DeGuzman on “Leadership and Empowerment of Women.”

The event will be held from 8:30 to 9:30 am on Tuesday, March 22, at the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland’s Building 2, Center Hall in California.

Ms. DeGuzman is the acting director of the Engineering and Cyber Warfare Group at NAVAIR.

From 2018-2021, Ms. DeGuzman served as the director of the Navy’s Airworthiness & CYBERSAFE Office (ACO), as the airworthiness certification authority for all US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft. She joined the Airworthiness Directorate as a flight clearance control officer for Naval Test Wing Atlantic (2000-2005) and served as the interim flight clearance deputy division head (2005-2009), as well as the chief airworthiness engineer for PEO(A) platforms (2009-2018).

During this time the Airworthiness Directorate received the NAVAIR National Commanders Award twice.

In these positions Ms. DeGuzman was instrumental in developing and enacting unique airworthiness strategies for several aircraft programs including: VH-92, P-8, V-22, and USCG C-27J. She was responsible for the development of many airworthiness organizations, policies, and processes and is directly responsible for providing naval aviators and FMS customers with timely airworthiness approvals, thus improving safety of operations and fleet readiness.

Ms. DeGuzman joined NAVAIR in the Engineer and Scientist Developmental Program (ESDP) with the Flight Dynamics Branch. She was a lead flight dynamics engineer and Subject Matter Expert responsible for flying qualities and stability and control technical issues for fleet and developmental aircraft including F-18, T-45, AV-8, EA-6B, and UAVs.

She also worked at the Naval Safety Center as an aircraft mishap investigator, conducted engineering investigations at Navy depots to conduct critical analysis of damaged components, and as a flight test engineer during F/A-18E/F developmental testing.

Registration for the March 22 briefing is complimentary for all attendees. Register here. Attendees do not have to be Pax Partnership members.

USMSM is recommending all guests wear masks. This is not a requirement. Social distancing is expected.

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