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Tougher Tests for X-47B; Repriced JSF Could Win S. Korea

UCAS X-47B Cat Launch

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The X-47B continued successful technical risk testing this week aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, reports Defense One, the tests are designed to assess performance and integration in more difficult sea conditions.

Boeing wasn’t stealthy enough so Lockheed’s JSF is back in the running as South Korea searches for a jet fighter within its budget, reports the Chicago Tribune. With a growing international customer base for the JSF, Business Korea says the price tag on Lockheed’s fighter jet is falling.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has tapped Northrup and Lockheed to create a pod-mounted laser system for aircraft, reports The Motley Fool, noting the similarity to Star War weaponry. The DARPA contracts are worth $14.6 million and $11.4 million to the respective contractors.

US SecState John Kerry returns home from Iran without a deal, but is scheduled to brief the Senate Banking Committee tomorrow about negotiations centering on curbing the Iranian nuclear activities and lifting economic sanctions on the country, reports CNN Security Clearance. The Senate Banking Committee has imposed some of the restrictions included in the sanctions applied to Iran. Israel continues its opposition to the US negotiating efforts with Iran, reports Defense News.

Despite political tensions in the Arabian Gulf region, relationships with US weapons manufacturers remain strong and that keeps the US and the Gulf Cooperative Council’s relationship strong as well, reports Defense News.

The entire House is invited to a classified hearing Thursday to learn how sequestration will jeopardize the nation’s security, reports Breaking Defense.

The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier was christened last week, the  USS Gerald Ford, will put to sea with 1,000 fewer sailors but also  carry more warplanes and launch 25 percent more air missions per day than the current carriers, reports CNN Security Clearance. Intercepts has a time lapse video of the full construction of the new carrier.

The US speedy response to the Philippines showcases to the world the US Navy’s capabilities, equipment, speed and efficiency.

Nanostructured material, a crystalline sandwich suggests a new precision in the next generation of microwave and communication devices, such as cell phones, reports Defence Talk.

Two admirals under investigation in broadening bribery investigation, reports The Navy Times.

As Blackberry continues to struggle — bailing on a buyout and firing its CEO — DoD is preparing a system to secure all phones and devices, reports Next Gov.

NAVAIR sponsors workshop on career prepardness spotlighting women leaders and headlined by Steffanie Easter, executive director of DoD’s F-35 Lightning II Program Office from 10 am to 2 pm Nov. 12 at the River’s Edge Catering and Conference Center, reports The Bay Net.

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