March 22, 2023

US Top Ransomware Target Worldwide

The US gets almost half of all of the ransomware attacks around the globe according to a report released this week analyzing the more than 5,000 ransomware incidents. Most attacks target critical industries and the public sector.

Stop-and-Proceed at Pax Gates

Base Communities Shakened Over Attacks

Unlike the current entry procedure, where drivers come right up to the gate and show their credentials, the new stop-and-proceed will have drivers stop at a painted line with posted signage and wait to be signaled forward by the Naval Security Forces sentry

Space Force, Parental Leave & More in NDAA

Space Force

The National Defense Bill authorizes Space Force in a compromise exchange for paid parental leave and also contains a requirement the VA answer up on what medical conditions are linked to Agent Orange … and quite a bit more in the $738B budget attached.