April 7, 2020

MD Fracking Rules Proposed


Maryland’s fracking ban expires in October 2017, legislative opponents will try to prohibit the practice altogether before the ban expires, but the Maryland Department of the Environment has rolled out fracking regs which would ban drilling in three watersheds in Western Maryland and require extensive safeguards around drilling sites.

F-35 Pilot Smart Helmet: State of the Art

The F-35 helmet with DAS capability is the brain on the brains.

Testing Society Proposes Standards for Safe Fracking

natural gas tanks

The American Society for Testing and Materials is working to chart a safe and efficient course for hydraulic fracturing.

Panel to Discuss the Fracking on the Chesapeake

St. George's Island sunset

Hydraulic fracking, though promising in terms of developing domestic energy, raises a host of issues related to the environment.

Fracking or Flushing: SoMD Has Many, Many Layers

deep hole

It’s a complicated neighborhood underground. It helps to have experienced guidance when drilling a test well.