December 6, 2023

STEM Students: JSHS Deadline Is Nov. 18

The Patuxent Partnership, the catalyst for bringing a regional symposium of the Maryland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium to St. Mary’s College of Maryland, reminds students, the deadline to apply for the March 4, 2023 symposium is November 18, 2022.

JSHS Virtual Mentoring is available for high school students pursuing original STEM research with plans to compete at a Regional JSHS Symposium. Students connect here with STEM professionals to receive online mentoring on their projects, as well as education and STEM career paths.

The JSHS Chronus Virtual Mentoring platform is available to students year-round. Any student who starts a research project and intends to submit their research at the regional JSHS competition is able to sign up for virtual mentoring through the Chronus platform. The mentor resource is available year-round to support you throughout the JSHS competition season and the non-competition time of completing research or improving continued projects. Join Chronus as a mentee here.

JSHS is also seeking Mentors. To join JSHS as a Mentor or Mentee, get information here.

The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)  is a Tri-Service program involving the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, and Air Force and Space Force. The program sponsors STEM competitions which promote original research and experimentation in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the high school level. These exceptional students are publicly recognized for their outstanding achievement.

By connecting talented students, their teachers, and research professionals at affiliated symposium and by rewarding research excellence, JSHS aims to widen the pool of trained talent prepared to conduct research and development vital to our nation.

JSHS regional and national symposia are held during the academic year and reach more than 8,000 high school students and teachers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Department of Defense Schools of Europe and the Pacific. Students must first participate in their regional symposium where they compete for selection to present at the national symposium each year. Registering to participate in a regional JSHS event is of no cost to the student.

JSHS invites high school students to report on the results of their original research investigations in STEM and compete for scholarships and recognition at university-held regional symposia. All students in grades 9-12 enrolled in public, private, or home schools are eligible to participate in their local Regional Symposium.

Please note that only the students who are citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) of the United States can receive the scholarship. See Rules of Competition for eligibility details.

All Maryland high schools are eligible to participate in the Maryland Regional JSHS, with the exception of schools located in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties inside the I-495 Beltway. Students in school systems located inside the I-495 Beltway in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties should participate in the Greater Washington, DC JSHS. Maryland students who are unsure which region to participate in should reach out to the Maryland JSHS for guidance.

Our annual symposium, competition, and year-round digital programming is backed by the Department of Defense (DoD), and administered by the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA). We’re committed to providing the mentoring, scholarship, and career pathways for young minds from everywhere to find success, growth, and connection in STEM.

Perform original research, present findings, and compete for scholarships, aid, and opportunities. JSHS exposes students to diversity of thought, and promotes learning that can be applied to regular studies and real life.

The JSHS Mission
  • To promote research and experimentation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at the high school level.
  • To recognize the significance of research in human affairs and the importance of humane and ethical principles in the application of research results.
  • To search out talented youth and their teachers, recognize their accomplishments at symposia, and encourage their continued interest and participation in the sciences, technology, mathematics, and engineering.
  • To expand the horizons of research-oriented students by exposing them to opportunities in the academic, industrial, and governmental communities.
  • To increase the research and development capabilities of the future U.S. workforce.

About The Patuxent Partnership

The Patuxent Partnership is a nonprofit member organization that fosters collaboration between government, industry, and academia to advance education through STEM-based initiatives; to advance technology through speaker programs, forums, and networking; to advance science and technology transfer through the exchange of ideas, information, and data related to technologies; and to increase workforce development through an array of initiatives.

To learn more about The Patuxent Partnership and its programs, visit its Leader member page.

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