September 29, 2022

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St. Mary’s WARM Program Gearing Up for 12th Year


WARM, Wrapping Arms Round Many, offers an update on the St. Mary’s County winter shelter program in its latest newsletter.

“I know that we are living in very uncertain times right now,” writes WARM Board Chair Steve Tuttle, “but my goal is to have WARM this season.”

He says that there will be some changes, but “my goal is still to do what we do best which is care for the homeless.”

Mr. Tuttle says the winter emergency sheltering program will have fewer beds and some other changes. He is hoping by September to have a plan “ironed out and be ready to place it into action.”

A top priority has always been keeping the WARM guests and volunteers safe, Mr. Tuttle says, and this is especially true during the COVID pandemic. The WARM leadership is working closely with county Health Officer Dr. Meena Brewster to establish best practices for WARM Season 12.

Newsletter Highlights:

Where Are the WARM Guests Now?

Mr. Tuttle writes:

“When COVID-19 first presented in St. Mary’s County the WARM program was just three weeks shy of finishing season 11. Making sure our WARM guests would continue to have shelter was a major concern of WARM leadership, Three Oaks Center, the Department of Social Services, as well as St. Mary’s County Health Department. These agencies formed an emergency response team and put a plan into motion for a temporary tent community (Passive Park at Lexington Manor).

This tent community provided a lot more than just shelter to our WARM guests, as well as several other homeless men and women. Passive Park was a safe place where staff from community agencies visited each day to provide care and case management. The goal was to keep everyone safe from the virus and help them all find permanent, stable housing.

This emergency response team was responsible for positive results within the Passive Park community. Four people who needed help with substance abuse went to long-term substance abuse programs. Two persons with serious mental health issues went into a program that was able to care for their specific needs. Nine homeless persons were reunited with family, and 14 people received a Section-8 housing voucher and are in a stable housing situation. It should be noted that some of these folks have housing for the very first time.

Even though the WARM program did not finish out its full season due to COVID, we can say that great things came from the disruption, and the WARM guests who we all care about are in a good place.”

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