June 5, 2023

SMECO Warns of Scam Calls

Scam calls
When a contractor comes to your home to install a smart meter, he or she will be driving a truck with the logo for UPA and SMECO on the side. Photo from Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative.

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative has received reports of scam calls, related to the installation of smart meters in homes. The co-op wants to warn customer-members to be safe and vigilant, especially at home.

If a person comes to your come claiming to be an employee of SMECO or a contractor, do not let them inside. Representatives of SMECO do not need access to the inside of the house to install a smart meter. The meter exchange only takes a few minutes, and can be done completely outside. The representative only needs access to the electric meter.

If you receive a telephone call that you think might be suspicious, simply hang up and call SMECO at 1-888-440-3311. Report the call and a representative can tell you if the call was legitimate.

SMECO is partnering with Utility Partners of America on the installation of smart meters this year.

Trucks that come from UPA have logos on the sides that identify them as UPA trucks, along with a SMECO logo. Your responsibilities as a homeowner include providing safe access to the outdoor meter by making sure items are moved away from it and pets are kept inside while the installer is there.

When the installer arrives, he or she will knock on your door to let you know the exchange is happening. Your power will be turned off for 5 to 10 minutes to keep the installer safe during the work.

Smart meters have become more and more popular in Southern Maryland because they do not just report on the billing period usage; they give detailed reports and communicate with SMECO. They record usage and help customer-members understand when their electricity is being used the most.

To learn more about SMECO, visitĀ its Leader member page.

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