June 20, 2019

Shutdown Pain Keeps Growing


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Delayed tax refunds. Missed federal paychecks. The shutdown’s pain keeps growing, reports McClatchy. A quarter of the federal government has been shut down for more than two weeks, a problem that has led to a lack of government services and a lack of money for federal employees of the affected agencies, locally and on the Eastern Shore, says Delmarva Now.

US fuel prices fall as demand hits 22-month low, reports UPI. Gasoline prices in the United States have now fallen for 12 straight weeks, with the national average at the start of the week at $2.24 per gallon, alongside reports indicating the weakest demand since February 2017.

Port Covington, MD, once a bustling train stop on the south side of Baltimore, is emerging as CyberTown, USA, reports Security Boulevard. Backers — Under Armour founder Kevin Plank, Goldman Sachs Urban Development Group and Weller Development, and key backer DataTribe, a Fulton, MD-based cybersecurity startup incubator — see this urban redevelopment project becoming a premier technology hub.

M2 Bradley gets an iron fist, reports Breaking Defense. Subcontractor Rada just released the first photo we’ve seen of the Israeli Iron Fist anti-missile system installed on an American M2 Bradley. With Russian and Chinese-made anti-tank missiles proliferating in Syria and other war zones, the US Army is rushing to field so-called Active Protection Systems on all its armored fighting vehicles.

President Trump is waging an intense campaign for his border wall, reports Politico.  AOL reports the president is complaining that his aides have not expressed sufficient public support for his shutdown stance and Syria withdrawal plan.

IRS will pay tax refunds in shutdown after all, reports FedSmith. The Internal Revenue Service had said it would not issue refunds to taxpayers if the partial government shutdown were to continue into tax filing season. However, the Trump administration announced in a press conference that it is reversing this policy.

Turkey rejects US call to protect Kurds in Syria, UPI reports Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s response to US national security adviser John Bolton, who told Israel protection for Kurdish fighters would be a necessary condition before the Pentagon removes about 2,000 troops from Syria.

Defense.gov has video of the Navy’s version of the F-35 Lightning 11, the baddest airplane on a carrier, according to one of the select few naval aviators piloting the strike fighter.

North Korea is no closer to denuclearization, reports The Diplomat. While denuclearization remains a distant dream, the year of historic diplomacy has reduced tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Spying from a Chinese made Metro car? Many experts say yes, reports The Washington Post.

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