December 8, 2023

S. Hunt Aero Website Promotes Airport

S. Hunt Aero

Via the new S. Hunt Aero website – – a comprehensive collection of information about St. Mary’s County Regional Airport and tenant avionics/technology businesses has become available.

The website serves as a rich information resource for citizens, local businesses, and general aviation pilots.

S. Hunt Aero LLC  was established in 2013 to focus on developing aviation and technology-related facilities on or adjacent to St. Mary’s County Regional Airport in California, MD 20619, six miles north of Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

S. Hunt Aero purchased 81 acres adjacent to the St. Mary’s airport to develop the property in a manner that would spur the growth of aviation and technological innovation in the area. St. Mary’s County designated St. Mary’s County Regional Airport and the adjacent area as an Airport Innovation District.

The beginnings of the Aviation Technology Park included the office and research facilities for the University of Maryland’s UAS Test site, several large aviation hangars, and the technology business incubator, TechPort.

In addition to S. Hunt Aero, other businesses and tenants located at the include AIRtec, Pax Aero Solutions, Atkinson, PAE, Piedmont Pilot Center, ABSI Aerospace & Defense, Chesapeake Technology International, ALION, Nalls Aviation, and MTech, provides links to upcoming community events, recent news reports, pilot information, aviation/technology businesses located at the airport, and leasing opportunities.

For more information regarding S. Hunt Aero LLC or St. Mary’s County Regional Airport, please email Ken Reed at [email protected] or contact him directly at 301-904-9928.

S. Hunt Aero LLC has been a catalyst for economic development in the St. Mary’s Airport Innovative District providing offices, flex space, and hangar space for aviation technology firms. Visit the website at for more information about the company.

For more information about the growing Aviation Technology Park at St. Mary’s County Regional Airport, contact Ken Reed, 44191Airport Road, Suite C, California, MD 20619; Cell 301 904 9928  Email [email protected].

To learn more about S. Hunt Aero, visit its Leader member page, the Fly2W6 website, and Facebook.

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