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Pax Force Videoed on JSF Night Flights at Nimitz

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The Aviationist provides video of a F-35 Lightning II from the Pax River Integrated Test Force which conducted the first carrier-based operations of JSF night flights aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

The base fiscal 2016 defense budget request could exceed congressionally mandated spending limits by as much as $60 billion above the $535 billion cap, reports DefenseNews. Administration and defense officials have said that the 2011 Budget Control Act, which limits how much the Pentagon can spend, wouldn’t fully limit the 2016 request. However, not everyone is convinced that these numbers will be finalized. “We’re not going to roll back sequestration entirely; we may get relief at the margin, but DoD is going to be living with lower budget resource levels than its plan of last year,” stated an analyst.

The first laser weapon capable of destroying a target was deployed by the Navy on a command ship in the Persian Gulf, reports Bloomberg. The amphibious transport ship USS Ponce is patrolling with a prototype Laser Weapon System which can be fired in several modes, from a dazzling warning flash to a destructive beam which can set a drone or small boat on fire.

SpaceX will soon begin executing a plan to deploy a constellation of hundreds of small, cheap-to-build and cheap-to-launch mini-satellites that will deliver Internet service to anywhere on Earth, according to The Motley Fool. Launched over a number of years, the new Internet constellation would feature 700 satellites.

Shrinking government spending along with a rise in corporate events dealt a blow to trade shows that rely heavily on federal government attendees and exhibitors, according to The Washington Post. Now FOSE, one of the nation’s premier government technology events, will not be returning in 2015 after a 37-year run. Overall, attendance at trade shows that relies on federal government participation is down 30 percent this year.

The Navy is considering additional orders of Boeing‘s EA-18G Growler electronic attack planes as it defines its fiscal 2016 budget request, reports Reuters. CNO Admiral Jonathan Greenert said the Navy is reviewing its inventory of tactical aircraft, including Growlers and strike fighters, to ensure its electronic attack needs are met. Congress is likely to approve orders for 12 more Growlers in the fiscal 2015 budget, which allows Boeing to extend the production line for the jets in St. Louis through 2017.

The State Department shut down its email systems to respond to a cyber breach of its unclassified network, reports FederalTimes. The intrusion was linked to a similar attack on the White House’s systems in October which was attributed to foreign activity.

Two former government contractors were sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to involvement in a Navy contract bribery scheme, reports Mr. Scott Miserendino, a former contractor for the Navy Military Sealift Command, was sentenced to eight years in prison and will forfeit $212,000 for conspiracy to commit bribery and acceptance of bribe by a public official. Mr. Timothy Miller faces two years in prison, a $25,000 fine and will forfeit $167,000.

Lockheed Martin stock is having a great year and is up more than 29 percent while beating the S&P by a factor of nearly two and half. Nasdaq takes a detailed look to determine if the company’s performance is a spike or a sustainable trend.

The Navy’s boot camp is facing an investigation into whether some physical fitness assessments are overstated, according to Navy Times. Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Illinois launched an inquiry into allegations that some recruit division commanders encouraged recruits to cheat during fitness tests and to report altered fitness test scores to ensure they pass.

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