April 13, 2024

Original F-35B Makes 200th Flight

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F-35B JSF 200th flightU.S. Marine Corps test pilot Lt. Col. Fred Schenk flies a mission May 10 in F-35B Joint Strike Fighter test aircraft BF-1. The mission expanded the aircraft’s flight envelope in short takeoff and vertical landing mode, and was the 200th flight for the aircraft. The JSF program has already marked 200 flights for test aircraft BF-3.

The F-35B is the variant of the Joint Strike Fighter for the U.S. Marine Corps, capable of short take-offs and vertical landings for use on amphibious ships or expeditionary airfields to provide air power to the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. The F-35B is undergoing test and evaluation at Naval Air Station Patuxent River prior to delivery to the fleet. (Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin)

Source: PEO(JSF) Public Affairs

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