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Mitchell to Present ‘Voices of the Civil War’

Civil War

The St. Mary’s County Historical Society will present a program, “Maryland Voices of the Civil War (Historically Speaking),” at 6:45 pm Friday, June 18.

The event will be held at The Inn at Leonardtown at 41655 Park Avenue.

In “Maryland Voices of the Civil War,” historian Charles W. Mitchell tells the compelling story of how Maryland African Americans escaped from slavery and fought for the Union and their freedom alongside white soldiers. He reinforces the notion that Maryland’s Southern sympathies ― while genuine ― never seriously threatened to bring about a Confederate Maryland.

Mr. Mitchell draws upon hundreds of letters, diaries, and period newspapers ― many previously unpublished ― to portray the passions of a wide variety of people ― merchants, slaves, soldiers, politicians, freedmen, women, clergy, slave owners, civic leaders, and children ― caught in the emotional vise of war.

“Maryland Voices of the Civil War” illuminates the human complexities of the Civil War era and the political realignment that enabled Marylanders to abolish slavery in their state before the end of the war.

Mr. Mitchell won the 2009 Founders Award from the American Civil War Museum for this compelling account of people caught up in the effects on the four border slave states that remained loyal to the Union.

Those interested in membership in the historical society should click here.

The June 18 event is a co-production of the St. Mary’s County Historical Society and the Center for the Study of Democracy at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

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