June 9, 2023

Meet the Authors at Navy Museum


Why just read a book when you also can meet the person who wrote it? The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Association is planning a Meet the Authors event from noon to 4 pm Sunday, May 15, 2016, and the public is invited.

The event will be held at the museum at 22156 Three Notch Road in Lexington Park.

Whether you love children’s stories, science, pilot stories, or just about any genre, you’ll find something you like at this Meet the Authors event. From kid stories to grown-up stories, these books offer experiences that are local, regional, and military.

Authors include Julia Maki, Mary Behre, Charles Long, Elisavietta Ritchie, Delancey Stewart, Vesta Clark, Eddie J. Washington, Erik Hildebrand, Shaniqua L. Nelson Cousins, Stu Fitrell, Allen, Brownlie, Caruso, Chambers, DogTagsandHeels, Flowers, Kadmea, Jaster, Jenkins, and Long.

The authors will be at the event so they can read excerpts from their works. They will also be available to sign purchased books. There will be food for sale and giveaways throughout the day. Events like this are a great way to find out about new books that you may not have read, or to meet the people who wrote some of your favorite stories. Readings give you a chance to hear the words in the voice that the author originally intended, a unique way to experience a book.

Guests will be admitted free of the normal admission fees.

Patuxent River Naval Air MuseumAbout the museum

The museum was conceived in 1975 by a group of military and civilian enthusiasts who were interested in preserving the history and artifacts of the development of naval aviation at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, since its founding in 1943.

In 1978, the first museum was opened in what was once a USO club, and later an enlisted men’s club. The collection of materials and documents grew, as well as attendance, and in 1992 the museum was declared as an official US Navy museum, one of 12 so recognized.

The original building was in the way of progress as the base and surrounding infrastructure expanded and it was razed. The museum was moved to its present location on county property and buildings adjacent to Gate One. In 1997 with the arrival of the headquarters of the Naval Air Systems Command, the air station became the center for all of the Navy’s aviation research, development, testing, and evaluation. The mission of the museum was widened to include these disciplines and the new vision for the air station. The existing museum buildings became inadequate to house all of the artifacts as well as hands-on, interactive, static, and educational displays. A partnership of state and county governments, the US Navy, and the museum association was developed along with committees to find a new location and to develop a vision for a new, larger, and improved museum building. The result of years of planning, fundraising, and an enormous amount of volunteer work and dedication is the new state-of-the-art museum building completed in 2015.

For more information about the authors’ event, visit the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Facebook page or call the museum at 301-863-1900.

To learn more about the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, visit its Leader Member page.

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