June 16, 2024

MedStar-SMCM Deliver Health Care to Campus


MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital is partnering with St. Mary’s College of Maryland to provide convenient access to quality health care on campus.

In a story appearing in MedStar Health’s “Report to the Community,” St. Mary’s College junior Cam Kelley described a spring break spent “running to doctors’ appointments.”

According to the report, prior to the MedStar Health partnership, students experiencing a medical issue would visit the nurse’s suite. However, many would be referred to a doctor back in their hometown, or, in other cases, to a local practitioner, but one outside of school. The process typically demanding taking time away from class time.

“As someone with a chronic illness, I found that all of my breaks were spent running to doctors’ appointments,” says Ms. Kelley. “It’s hard to enjoy your spring break when you’re spending most of it at your general practitioner’s office.”

“Our campus is located in an area not well served by public transportation,” says Wellness Center Director Laurie Scherer of St. Mary’s College. “Our partnership with MedStar Health gives students more time to attend to their studies, as they may receive great health care right on campus.”

St. Mary’s College of Maryland and MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital began partnering in fall 2017 and have developed convenient access to expert medical care, right on campus. When college is in session, a MedStar Health physician’s assistant and medical assistant are on hand for four hours each weekday afternoon at the campus’ new wellness center, making it easy for students to receive prompt care when they need it.

“Now, I can work my doctors’ appointments in around my class time,” Ms. Kelley says.

In addition to receiving treatment for everyday student health issues, such as cold, flu, and pink eye, students also have access to expanded women’s health and mental health services, and a medication delivery service that brings prescriptions right to campus. In 2018, 565 students received care at the center.

“St. Mary’s College adds so much to what makes this community special,” says Lori Werrell, director of Population and Community Health. “And we want to do our part to ensure these great students receive the care they need.”

For more information and one-click access to a full list of resources available at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, visit their Leader Page.

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