December 5, 2022

Lex Park Boxer Wins DC Golden Gloves

Golden Gloves
Knowledge Boxing Coach Daryl Hinmon, left, 2021 DC Golden Glove Champion Erniece “Scrap” Dawson, and Assistant Coach Reggie Farmer.

On Saturday, November 20, Lexington Park, MD resident Erniece “Scrap” Dawson won the 2021 Washington DC Golden Glove Championship in the 125-pound weight class at Rosecroft Racetrack in Fort Washington in a hard-fought battle decided by unanimous decision against Celina Mira Galvez of Bethesda, MD.

“I had so much joy inside my heart! It felt amazing to receive recognition for all my hard work! I deserved it, I earned it, and it showed in the ring. I thank God, my Coaches, my family and my friends for their support.”

Ms. Dawson trains at the Knowledge Boxing Center on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park.

When asked about her preparation for the tournament, Ms. Dawson, an engineer at NAS Patuxent River, praised her coaches and described how she fit training into her life. “I trust my coaches enough to know that if they entered me, they believed I was ready. They will never purposely put me in harm’s way.”

Head Coach Daryl Hinman said, “Erniece is such a joy to train! She is quiet, attentive, has an indefatigable work ethic, and a bottomless thirst for knowledge. Every coach at the gym enjoys working with her and everyone supports her. She is the perfect representation of our team motto: Pride in Preparation … Honor in Battle.”

“During the process, I, of course, had to train my body,” Ms. Dawson said of her training, “but I also had to train my mind. I had to learn to trust myself. And as my body strengthened physically, my self-love and determination also strengthened.”

As to how to fit that much training into her life, she said, “Some days I would run to the gym instead of driving, and if the sun was still out when I got out of the gym, I would run back home. Training is mandatory and only hard if you tell yourself that it’s hard. It was simply what I needed to do in order to succeed and do my very best the night of the fight.”

Of her opponent, Ms. Dawson says Ms. Galvez “had willpower and confidence. She didn’t quit, and I commend her for that. She showed amazing sportsmanship, and I hope she continues with her career.”

Coach Hinman has enthusiastic praise of the 2021 champion and Ms. Dawson’s future in boxing.

“Not even the sky is the limit for her. She is a perfect student of the game, and you will be hearing her name in the future. Before every fight, I tell her, ‘You are intelligent, hard-working, beautiful, with super high integrity and character.’ And it’s those characteristics that are going to take her wherever she wants to go,” he said. “And our team at the Knowledge Boxing Center will be there to teach, love, and support her every step of the way.”

Ms. Dawson echoes her coach’s enthusiasm. “This is only the beginning because there is so much more I need to learn and master. So, it’s right back to the gym I go. The work doesn’t stop!”

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