April 19, 2024

Job Growth Continues in November


The US Department of Labor’s latest jobs report shows 263,000 jobs were created in November. Though challenges remain, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said, the report should help to sweep aside the misleading narrative about the dire state of the American economy.

“As we approach the end of 2022, the November jobs report is further evidence of our economy’s continued strength. We have seen the creation of 10.5 million jobs in the nearly two years since President Biden took office, including 263,000 jobs just last month, and the unemployment rate remained near its historic low, at just 3.7%,” the congressman said. “Just as important, wage growth sped up, surpassing expectations as more American workers took home larger paychecks in November.”

Rep. Hoyer reminded that when the 117th Congress began in 2021, America was struggling to endure one of the greatest health and economic crises in its history.

“Over the past two years, however, we witnessed the fastest economic recovery our nation has ever seen and built our economy back even stronger than it was before the pandemic. I’ve been proud to join House Democrats in enacting key legislation that has had a long-lasting impact on job growth in the United States. The American Rescue Plan kept workers on payroll at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and set the groundwork for our economic recovery,” he said. “From revitalizing American manufacturing and strengthening our supply chains with the CHIPS and Science Act to creating numerous well-paying jobs and rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, our House Majority has helped provide American workers and their families with the opportunities and resources they need to get ahead and Make It In America.”

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