October 1, 2022

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Hoyer: ‘It’s Clear American Rescue Plan Is Working’


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2021 jobs report shows that 559,000 jobs were created that month and the jobless rate fell to 5.8%. “[The June 2] jobs report shows the impact of the Democrats’-passed American Rescue Plan in our nation’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) said.

“The 559,000 jobs created over the last month show how the Biden-Harris administration’s steady leadership and efforts to re-open America safety is paying off for workers, families, and the economy. With unemployment the lowest since before the start of the pandemic, it’s clear the American Rescue Plan is working,” he said.

But the congressman said, “Our work is far from over.”

“To continue these job gains and support economic growth for millions of Americans, Congress must pass President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. The American Jobs Plan will fix our broken infrastructure nationwide and create economic opportunity for millions of workers. The American Families Plan would work to solve systemic issues in our economy by making child-care more affordable and accessible while ensuring our tax code rewards work, instead of wealth. Together, these plans recognize the need for transformative investments in our infrastructure, workers, and families. The American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan will help us build back better from COVID-19 as well as from a status quo where the economy did not work for all Americans.

Mr. Hoyer said the House Democrats will continue to work closely with the Biden-Harris administration to get results for Americans workers, families, and small business owners, safely re-open the economy, and build back better so more of our people can Make It In America.

Find the May 2021 report here.

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