March 2, 2024

Discussion Set on Adverse Childhood Experiences

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The St. Mary’s County libraries will host a panel discussion Tuesday, November 29, focused on community solutions to adverse childhood experiences.

The One Maryland One Book, “What’s Mine and Yours,” by Naima Coster will serve as a springboard for a discussion about adverse childhood experiences and how they impact a community. The online discussion will be held from 5:30-7:15pm. Register here. It is geared for teens and adults.

Those attending will hear from community experts on the topic of ACEs allowing time for group discussion. They will not be discussing the book but will use it as a catalyst to learn how the experiences, similar to the ones written about, impact people.

Panelists are from the Behavioral Health Division and the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion units of the St. Mary’s County Health Department, and the founder of the nonprofit group Gift 2 Uplift.

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