July 14, 2024

CSM Wins Grant to Support First-Year Students

Posted by Congressmen Steny Hoyer
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and College of Southern MarylandCongressman Steny H. Hoyer

The College of Southern Maryland won  a $450,000 grant award from the U.S. Department of Education to help acclimate first-year students to the college experience by providing services such as tutoring and peer mentoring.

CSM will also develop a robust freshman seminar with the grant plus  expand the academic and student services support for online students.

A significant portion of the funds will support first year students through CSM’s Student Success and Goal Completion Strategic Plan.The FY 2013 award anticipates supplemental funding across the next four years.

“In order for our nation to remain competitive, we must train and secure a twenty-first century workforce, which is a key component of my Make It In America plan,” said Congressman Steny Hoyer when announcing the federal award. “Community colleges like CSM ensure students have the education and skills training needed for the well-paying jobs of tomorrow. I congratulate Dr. Gottfried and his outstanding staff on this grant, and look forward to working together to make sure CSM students have the resources they need to succeed.”

“The grant will provide CSM with the resources we need to help every student complete their goals and realize success,” stated College of Southern Maryland President Brad Gottfried. “Research has again and again shown that this is a critical time in the lives of students. Students entering college, especially those with weak preparation or without the benefit of significant family experience with college, face a series of high-risk moments at which they are most likely to drop out or give up. These moments are concentrated early in the college experience, some even before they reach their first class, where thoughtful intervention can make the difference between success and failure.”

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Joan Middleton, who has led a number of retention and goal completion activities at the college, will be serving as CSM’s project director for the grant.


Source: Congressman Steny Hoyer

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