March 20, 2023

Close But No Cigar; Where in the World? Stumps All

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A number of Where in the World respondents were close to the victory ring in our September 13 round, but alas no one made the final cut.  Thirty-one readers responded, but not one correctly pegged the shot of umbrellas found on the Checkers patio on Three Notch Road in California, Maryland.

  As warned, Where in the World sometimes takes liberty in the editing of photographs and thus the red magically becomes the green.  You have to be alert to be competitive at this game as we sometimes … cheat. (Check the Flickr Photostream option at JefClarkArt and select the set “Where in the World?” to find last edition’s green umbrellas.)

 While the rules of Where in the World allow the use of photos taken just about anywhere, faithful readers know that the majority are of scenes found within a few miles of Lexington Park, Maryland… as might be the case this week:WW 13-09-27

  But it is our job to mix things up and keep participants guessing as witnessed by the recent posting of the 9/11 Memorial shot taken inWW - 13-08-30 New York—a round of Where in the World? which saw Sara Lundine of North Carolina claiming a prize for her astute observation skills. 

 Three editions of Where in the World ago, the featured photo was the Old Statehouse in St. Mary’s City—admittedly a challenge for most readers.  But Margaret F prevailed and claimed her prize from the archives. Last time around, there were no perfect guesses and no prizes issued.

As most readers know, all shots are of objects or scenes that can be found in plain view and that are open to one and all. Well, they may be perhaps not immediately identifiable shots, except to those with keen powers of observation.

The photographs might have been taken from an unusual angle or bathed in a strange light or cropped to make their identities not immediately apparent.  The subjects presented in the photographs are largely found in St. Mary’s County or surrounding Southern Maryland. I would like to say there will be no tricks played on readers, but this would be an outright lie. Photos might on occasion be located in Washington or Baltimore or even New York ….

This week’s contest operates under the same rules as ever:

At the end of this article there is a form for you to easily submit your guess—and you all should take a stab at being a winner as the contest is not just about fame and glory, but prizes!  Yes, the first reader to submit the right guess as to the identity and whereabouts of the scene displayed in the photograph will receive a modest gift from the archives of JefClarkArt.  (Note: submitting a guess does not land you on any mailing list! We at The Leader vouch for Jeff here. This is the truth.)

JefClarkArt was launched in early 2012 by Jeffrey Clark who operates a customized photography business from his studio on St. George Island.  By going to his website,, and clicking on the Flickr Photostream option, readers can view and perhaps purchase an intriguing array of photographs taken across Southern Maryland, Nova Scotia, South Africa, Baltimore, Washington, Antietam Battlefield, and lots of other places.

Thanks for playing. Send an edition along to some friends. Maybe some of those out-of-town ringers will be called out in the early guessing!

14 Responses to “Close But No Cigar; Where in the World? Stumps All”
  1. Chris N says:

    Lighthouse at Calvert Marine Museum

  2. Stephen says:

    Top of lighthoiuse on Solomon Island

  3. izzie says:

    Chris got it!

  4. Marybeth says:

    Is this your neighbor’s cool house? Light house on top of beautiful home on St George Island.

  5. Marybeth says:

    Now don’t I feel silly!

  6. Jim D says:

    Drum Point Light House. Solomons Island, MD

  7. Renny says:

    Point Lookout lighthouse

  8. Lance Le Rocque says:

    I would urge all above who have entered guesses to … re-enter with better ones. You’re not quite there.

  9. Bart M says:

    Cedar Point Lighthouse Cupola

  10. Chris N says:

    Lance, are you “shilling” for Jeff Clark? I am shocked, shocked! that you would do that!!!

  11. Linda says:

    Cedar Point Lighthouse cupola located at Patuxent River Naval Air Museum.

  12. Ann Hoover says:

    This is a stupid answer – but maybe it’s the little pool outside of The Tides restaurant in Lexington Park.

  13. Ms. Martini says:

    Well, it certainly looks like some kind of lighthouse top, but it also could be one of those fake oil lamps made to look like a miniature lighthouse.

  14. Ms. Martini says:

    On another note, has anyone actually seen Lance LaRoque? What does he look like??

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