April 18, 2024

Amish Kitchen, Big Hit at Flat-Iron Auction

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Posted for Great Mills Trading Post

Legend has it, you could find anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant. But that was then. Today you can find anything you want at the Oct. 2 & 3 auction at Flat Iron Farm in Great Mills, MD, and get a meal likely even better than at Alice’s, from the Amish Kitchen.

The Amish Kitchen is set up in one of the two barns the sprawling Flat Iron Farm property used for tables, chairs, and vendors during what is billed as the largest contractors equipment auction in the Mid-Atlantic.

But even with all of that going on, the Amish Kitchen, open those two days to the public, is a draw in and of itself.

With a wood burning pizza oven and a blue plate special coming from Amish cooks, the meals are straight from an Amish kitchen. The transporting of that kitchen and serving the public at the auction is a fundraiser these cooks perform for their church.

Their menu includes bar-b-que chicken, homemade ice cream, and pizza from their “Amish pizza oven,” says Thomas Mulqueen, who is in charge of lining up vendors for the barns during the two day event. “It’s worth it to just come for lunch,” he says.

Mr. Mulqueen and also in charge of scheduling the vendors that set up in the barns. The array of vendors make an encircling bazaar inside the barns, offering a wide array of products, arts, crafts, and goods. To participate as a vendor in one of the barns during the two-day auction, contact Mr. Mulqueen at 240-538-5490.

And since you’re there, all around the barns just happens to be going on the largest contractor and equipment auction in the Mid-Atlantic, and open to the public, with plenty of parking. The extravaganza is so large that this year Gators and golf carts will be available to tour the 200-acre grounds encompassing the auction. Stan Gagne at 423-494-5606 is in charge of reserving the Gators and golf carts. Call ahead!

Bailey’s will also be serving meals in the barns, where tables and chairs have been set up to allow you to eat in comfort.

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